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Short Story About Hearing hope

Neelam Verma,
Director & Senior Audiologist

Hearing Hope reiterates the pledge to help all and give hope to those who have lost hope of Hearing. In this endeavor, while we have the best of an expert team of Audiologist taking care of the patients at one hand; we have an exemplary team of voluntary Audiologist who provide Hearing & Speech assistance to the not so wealthy class from negligible to no cost. No matter, what the story or situation is; Trust us to be there to help all and make things well again.

Home Visit

We Provide home Visit to Old Age People

24/7 Assistence

We Provide 24/7 assistence for patients

Extra Benefits to Govt. Beneficries

We Provide Best Discount to Govt Employees

Speech And Language Therapy

We strive for early diagnosis and Cure Speech Related Problems

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